kizzle07 (kizzle07) wrote,

I went and picked up my car last week! WOOT WOOT! So spoiled. On my way home I stopped in Salmo to fill up (I was paranoid that I'd run out of gas going over the Salmo/Creston pass) and it was 99 cent/litre! What the heck?!?! What is gas like where you guys all live? That ridiculous?
When I first got back to Cranbrook I stopped at Walmart to pick up some car polish... and someone backed into me! I just about started crying. But it was just a little scratch on the plastic bumper, so I picked up some paint from the dealership...everything is taken care of :) But either way, I'm having a great time driving my car around. It drives really really well.

Dean and I have been hanging out a lot. Just as friends, but we were great friends. He starts counselling next week.
I met a guy through Pius named Dave. Probably the most genuinely nice person I've ever met. I have to admit there is interest. But I'm not fully ready to say that Dean and I will never ever happen again (Even though I kind of doubt we will) So where do I go? The super nice person, or the guy that cheated on me, called me a c*nt, but is still my best friend? Currently I'm just sticking with the fact that am completely unable of being in a relationship. I think I'll just stick with that until both guys lose interest. I'm an emotional mess. I love it.
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