kizzle07 (kizzle07) wrote,

This isn't the long update I was planning on posting, but I'm bored so...

Well, turns out that I have developed an allergy to Vanilla Vodka (Stolis) Very sad turn of events, it's my favourite. I had one drink on Wednesday night, and all of a sudden all the muscles in my torso tensed up (If you touched my shoulders, it felt more like my knee cap) Hurt like a MOTHER. Then the inablity to breathe hit me.. even more fun. So yeah, no more Stolis... I think I might as well die now.

Yeah! Going to Calgary in... 2 days! POssibly 3.. I have to get a hold of Bean to figure out when I can get to his couch. I cant wait, I'm going to see the zoo, the science place, and art gallery, a museum... weeeee :)
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