kizzle07 (kizzle07) wrote,

Stolen from mercury_ca

You are a Sagittarius, the dare-devil of the
Zodiac. You love to take risks, are open,
adventurus, creative, impulsive, fun and funny,
independent, idealistic, kind, and you see the
big pictue and tell it like you see it!! Of all
the animals you are most like a horse, you love
to run wild and freeand just like a majestic
horse you are spirited, strong, powerfull and

-your lucky colors are silver (the color of magic)
and purple (the color of royalty)

-you metal is tin

-your precious stone is turquoise

-the parts of the body that you rule are your
liver, hips, and thighs

-your lucky day of the week is thursday

-the planet which you are ruled by is jupiter

-your best love match can be an aquarius, aries,
leo, gemini, and sometimes your own sagittarius

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